Chip-spreader and Distributor

Brief Introduction
Chip spreader is mainly applied for the spreading work. It adopts the penetration method to spread the aggregate, powder, chips, grit, macadam and asphalt macadam to the prime coat, under sealing layer, chip seal and micro-surfacing of the pavement.

1. The chip spreader has 10 gates. Each gate is controlled by the independent cylinder while every cylinder is controlled by the independent on-off switch. The on-off switch could indirectly control the gate through controlling the cylinder.
2. Each gate is equipped with micro-adjusting mechanism to control the gatage. Then the chip spreading speed could be controlled to adjust the uniformity degree of spreading.
3. The special anti-skidding device for the roller keeps the spreading well-distributed.

Technical Parameter
Category Name Unit Remark
Basic Parameters Model SS3100
Name Chip Spread
Dimension 2500×2000×1900 mm Graduation:250
Spreading Width ≤3100 mm Adjustable
Macadam Dia. ≤25 mm
Spreading Volume 3~22 m3/km2
Spreading Speed 3-4.8 km/h
Weight 1150 Kg

Construction Case

  • Construction in Liaoning, China
  • Construction in Hanyang, Hubei Province