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Road Construction Equipment

    1. LMT5311TFC Chip SealerSynchronous chip sealer is developed by Metong in accordance to international standards. It is widely used in road constructions. It can spray asphalt and aggregate simultaneously and as well spray separately.
    1. LMT5250TFC Synchronous Chip SealerLMT5250TFC synchronous chip sealer developed by our company is the special machinery for asphalt pavement construction and can be widely applied into the highway operation work of fast synchronous spraying.
    1. LMT5312TFC Asphalt Synchronous Chip SealerLMT5312TFC intelligent asphalt synchronous sealer honorably launched by Metong has several advantages such as saving cost, good wear resistance and water proof performance.
    1. LMT5160TFCT Mini Chip SealerThis chip spreader is cost saving, wear resistant of surface, anti-skid and water proof, it can rapidly recovery the traffic after construction, so that it is suitable for different grades of highway construction.
    1. Fiber Sealer (2 in 1)The fiber spray pole is at the middle of the asphalt spray poles. 36 fiber crackers are scattered on the fiber spray pole with the space of 100mm.
    1. Fiber Chip Sealer (3 in 1)Fiber Chip sealer designed to synchronously spraying asphalt / bitumen, fiber, and aggregate. Chip sealer technology suitable to the construction and maintenance of the all grade roads. It’s using computer controlling system for setting the sprayer value to ensure the quality of the materials onto the road construction.
    1. Trailer Chip SealerThe trailer chip sealer is our newly-developed road construction equipment which is widely used for fast synchronous spraying operations.
    1. LMT5310TXF Micro-SurfacingMicro-Surfacing Paver LMT5310TXF is a Metong brand product newly-developed by Metong Corporation in 2009. In comparison to existing similar products locally, Metong LMT5310TXF is more efficient, reliable and has a long life span.
    1. LMT5255TXF Micro-surfacing EquipmentLMT5255TXF micro-surfacing equipment, as the special machinery for asphalt pavement construction, is developed by our company and can be widely used in the fast synchronous spraying work of highways.
    1. LMT5256TXF Slurry Seal EquipmentIt is powered by the hydraulic drive system. The various systems are controlled independently so that there is no energetic disturbance to make sure the stable operation of this system.
    1. LMT5310TXF Micro-SurfacingIt is applied to enhance the road anti-slippery performance, waterproofness, surface smoothness and driving comfort. Micro-surfacing equipment is widely used in construction workmanship in common slurry seal, modified slurry seal and micro-surfaces.
    1. LMT5255TXF Micro-surfacing Equipment The asphalt and aggregate can be sprayed together or respectively. It has some positive features including cost-saving, surface wear resistance, anti-skidding, water proof and quick resumption of normal traffic after construction. It is suitable for the construction of the highways in different levels.
    1. LMT5256TXF Slurry Seal EquipmentIt is powered by the hydraulic drive system. The various systems are controlled independently so that there is no energetic disturbance to make sure the stable operation of this system.
    1. Automatic Asphalt DistributorAutomatic asphalt distributor is a kind of road machinery. It is applicable for layer-penetration oil, waterproof layer and bond coat at the bottom layer of high-level asphalt road.
    1. Semi-Automatic Asphalt DistributorSemi-automatic asphalt distributor is a highly precise measuring asphalt spreader. It is often used to road construction and maintenance of bridges, highways, tunnels, airports, municipal works.
    1. Manual Bitumen SprayerThe natural appearance of manual asphalt distributor is very magnificent and awesome. The asphalt tank is made of stainless steel at the outer cover that gives a brilliant reflection and gives a great shiny impression.
    1. Rubber Bitumen SprayerLMT5251GLQ rubber asphalt distributor is assembled with the second class chassis manufactured by CNHTC and the asphalt spray device developed by our company.
    1. Binding Agent SpreaderCement spreader is designed for spreading cement and powder materials in the process of road reconstruction under cold-recycling technology, as well as spreading various soil stabilizing binders and other power materials. Cement spreader not only used for road cold in-place recycling but also a special equipment for soil stabilization, can be used widely in road and municipal construction works.
    1. Cement SpreaderThe spreading process is automatically controlled, and a change in the vehicle's speed will not change the spreading volume.
    1. Chip SpreaderThe chip spreader has 10 gates. Each gate is controlled by the independent cylinder while every cylinder is controlled by the independent on-off switch. The on-off switch could indirectly control the gate through controlling the cylinder.
    1. Asphalt Transport TankBased on the study of other like products, we developed LMT9200GLB, LMT9250GLB, LMT9300GLQB and LMT9450GLB asphalt transport tanks to meet the needs of transporting asphalt during the construction.
    1. Bitumen Transportation TruckLMT5312GLQW bitumen transportation truck is a high-tech product newly developed by our company based on the needs for transporting large volume of asphalt and the lessons learned from similar products.

Road construction equipment, or road building equipment, includes micro-surfacing, asphalt distributor, chip spreader, pavement cleaning truck and other road equipment. It is suitable for construction of highways, airports, bridges, tunnels and municipal works. Our chip sealer, asphalt tank trailer and other road construction equipment all adopt America's advanced technology, and feature reasonable configuration, precise metering, rapid switch and convenient operation.

As a major road construction equipment manufacturer in China, we also produce road maintenance truck, rubber asphalt plant and other road equipment in addition to paving machinery. Our road construction equipment is of reliable quality and reasonable prices. If you want to learn more about our products, you can either turn to the product web page or contact us directly!