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Crack Filling and Sealing Equipment(Road Sealing Machine)

Our road sealing machine is used for road crack repair and subjected to following processes of petroleum base melting, heating, stirring and cycling. The machine consists of power supply, chassis frame, hydraulic system, hot oil heating system, heat-transfer melting container, re-circulating conveyor for sealing material, stirrer, and electronic control system. Additionally, the heat-transfer oil pump, recirculating pump for sealing material, and stirrer use hydraulic drive systems and, due to compact design, it is easy to achieve automatic control. The volume of sealing material discharged can be adjusted by variable frequency motor, and material can be timely distributed by pump to increase wear-resistance of discharging pump and extend its service life.

The road sealing machine can easily solve the pollution problem caused by dropping material due to its back suction function. The material storage container can be indirectly heated by heat-transfer oil. The container's vertical stirrer ensures material at a uniformed temperature, so the material can avoid being burnt and aging. The road sealing machine features automatic temperature control and is equipped with a digital display ensuring stable operation and high precision.

Technical Specifications of the Crack Filling and Sealing Equipment(Road Sealing Machine)
Dimension 4500mm x 2150mm x 2300mm
Max. Power of Diesel Engine 22.5 KW
Sealing Material Tank Capacity ≤600L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 145L
Diesel Oil Tank Capacity 145L
Hot Oil Expansion Tank Capacity ≥30L (60L total capacity)