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Chip-spreader and Distributor

    1. Chip-spreader and DistributorThe chip spreader has 10 gates. Each gate is controlled by the independent cylinder while every cylinder is controlled by the independent on-off switch. The on-off switch could indirectly control the gate through controlling the cylinder.
    1. Aggregate Chip SpreaderOur SA3C1 stone chip spreader is used for the even spreading of stone chips on asphalt-covered road under black road surfacing construction in addition to spreading aggregate chips on clay-bound macadam.

We are a professional chip spreader manufacturer in China. We are engaged in producing and selling micro-surfacing, asphalt distributor, asphalt tank trailer, Road Maintenance Equipment, rubber asphalt plant and other pavement machinery, and have received ISO9001 certification. With advanced technology, excellent quality and reasonable prices, our chip spreaders and other pavement machinery are popular with customers in more than forty countries, such as China, Russia, Mongolia, Philippines, Chile and Nigeria. If you are in need of such kind of road equipment, please contact us.