Trailer Chip Sealer

The trailer chip sealer is our newly-developed road construction equipment which is widely used for fast synchronous spraying operations. It can perform bitumen spraying and chippings spreading operations at the same time or respectively. As the trailer chip sealer can help greatly improve the wear resistance, skidproof and waterproof performance of the road, it is being increasingly used. It is suitable for the construction of all grades of highways. 

Main Technical Parameters of the Trailer Chip Sealer
Model LMT9350TFC
Dimension(L*W*H mm) 9700 X 2500 X 3600
Tank Capacity 6
Aggregate Hopper (m3) 12
Engine Model YC4F60Z-T10 F7403
Kerb Mass (kg) 3500
Rated Load Mass (kg) 12800
Spray Width 2070mm
Max. Spray Width 4000mm
Spreading Quantity 0.5-3.0 L/m2
Spray Bar Ground Clearance 250-500mm
Chippings Size 5-25mm

Zhejiang Metong Road Construction Machinery Company is a chip sealer manufacturer and supplier in China. We have received ISO9001 certification. In addition to chip sealer, we also provide other road equipment, such as asphalt distributor, heat preservation road maintenance, rubber asphalt plant. With advanced technology, precise metering and convenient operation, our products are exported to over forty countries and regions, including Russia, Laos, Philippines and Kenya. If you are interested in our pavement machinery, please contact us.