Aggregate Chip Spreader

Our SA3C1 stone chip spreader is used for the even spreading of stone chips on asphalt-covered road under black road surfacing construction in addition to spreading aggregate chips on clay-bound macadam.

Compared to a trailer spreader, our stone chip spreader is self-propelled and easy to operate. You can easily observe the whole processing to assure the quality on spreading stone chips. The spreader incorporates hydraulic and mechanic control systems and uses an all-hydraulic steering system. The productive efficiency of the stone chip spreader can reach to 302m2/m. An industrial test carried out at a construction worksite exhibited the high efficiency of our spreader due to its flexible and reliable operation. The stone chip spreader offers uniform spreading which can save your costs up to 20% more than manual handling on stone chips spreading.

With the stone chip spreader, two hydraulic cylinders are installed under moving stripper plates equipped at both sides of the back hopper and can be controlled to discharge stone chips from moving stripper plates respectively into two troughs of rubber-belt chip conveyors. This prevents any material pile-up in the trough and at the same time, a sufficient supply for distributing stone chips can be assured. The stone chip spreader is designed with hydraulic hooking at the end of the back hopper to enable a large dump truck (referring to "Jiefang" 5t dump truck) to be hooked and pulled. Thanks to this design, continuous operations of spreading stone chips can be achieved while dumping stone chips into the back hopper. In addition, the hopper size allows for chippings size up to 40mm. Our stone chip spreader can be conveniently transferred to various construction worksites for pavement construction.

Working Principle
The basic working principle of the stone chip spreader starts with stone chips being unloaded from dumper to the back hopper and distributed to the front hopper by rubber belt conveyer. Once the hoppers are full-loaded, the stone chip spreader drives on an asphalt-sprayed road while pulling the discharging roller to evenly spread quantitative stone chips on asphalt layers from the front hopper. Stone chips in the back hopper are continuously distributed to the front one while spreading stone chips.

Technical Specifications of the SA3C1 Stone Chip-spreader and Distributor
Spraying Width 3000mm
Chippings Width ≤40mm
Back Hopper Capacity 2m3
Rubber Belt Conveyer Capacity 50 -100 m3/h
Engine Power 70kW
Working Speed (when engine frequency is 1600r/min) First gear: 1.52km/h
Second gear: 2.87km/h
Third gear: 4.97km/h
Forth gear: 9.39km/h
Fifth gear: 11.49km/h
Reverse gear: 1.35km/h
Maximum Traveling Speed 20km/h
Minimum Turning Radius (inside) 8.4m
Wheelbase 3400mm
Front Track 1927mm
Rear Track 1820mm
Minimum Ground Clearance Front Wheel: 260mm
Rear Wheel: 180mm
Tire Type 1100-20 14R
Dimension (L*W*H) 7100mm x 3688mm x 2420mm
Weight About 6200kg

Construction Case

  • Construction in Liaoning, China
  • Construction in Hanyang, Hubei Province