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LMT5250TYHB Hot Mix Asphalt Transport Truck

Brief Introduction
After one year of normal use, the asphalt road will start to have some pavement diseases on a small scale. In order to solve the problems of road pit slot, crack, upheaval and raveling, and meet the modern road maintenance demands, Metong Company has been committed to the development of new Road Maintenance Equipment. Based on years of cooperative experience learned from American Phenix Company, and the advanced technology and experience learned from American BERGKAMP Company, Canada PAVELINE Company and American PYTHON Company, Metong Company finally developed the LMT5250TYHB hot mix asphalt transport truck. This kind of truck is mainly used in the road surface maintenance like patching superficial pit slot and cracks.

Its operation procedure is in the following. Break the damaged road surface→ clear away the old stuff→ Spray the asphalt bonding layer→ Fill new mixture→ Compaction→ Done.

This hot mix asphalt transport truckmainly provides the maintenance service for the highway, municipal roads and arterial highway of first and second degree against the early problems like pit slot and cracks.

1. This LMT5250TYHB truck can be directly used to mix the asphalt mixture while the asphalt-aggregate ratio is decided according to your needs.
2. The heated asphalt mixture could keep its temperature warm during transport. The temperature will drop less than 10 ℃ each hour.
3. The material bin could be heated around the clock so that the cold asphalt mixture could be heated to 140~160℃ for later use.
4. The asphalt mixture bin is equipped with hydraulic controlled gate.
5. The rotary in the truck makes it possible to discharge the asphalt mixture quickly.
6. The asphalt tank, equipped with the auto material-suction device, has the draining, heating and warm keeping function.
7. This kind of Road Maintenance Equipmentsprays the emulsified asphalt and heated asphalt to be the bonding layer, and uses the compressed air to clean and sweep after the spray work is done.
8. This LMT5250TYHB truck is also equipped with full set of necessary power source connection interfaces, and auxiliary tools for finishing the work of patching the pit slot.

Technical Parameter
Model LMT5250TYHB
Product Name hot mix asphalt transport truck
Chassis Model ZZ1257N4647D1
Engine Type D10.34-40
Power (kw/rpm) 249/1900
Max. Torque (Nm/rpm) 1490/1200-1500
Tire Specification 11.00-20
Passengers 2
Outline Dimension (mm) 9660×2500×3300
Complete Vehicle Kerb Mass
Max. Gross Weight (kg) 25000
Wheelbase (mm) Front Wheel 2022
Rear Wheel 1830
Max. Speed (km/h) 90
Fuel Consumption per 100km (L) < 30
Rated Capacity of Asphalt Tank (L) 400
Rated Capacity of Insulation Bin (m3) 10
Permitted Velocity of Working Medium (Cst) ≤300
Max. Pressure of Cleaning System (MPa) 0.6
Max. Pressure of Hydraulic System (MPa) 16
Highest Temperature of Hydraulic System (℃) 85
Max. Service Temperature of Heat Transfer Oil (℃) 180
Max. Pressure of Heat Transfer Oil System (MPa) 0.15

Construction Case

  • Construction Site in Hangzhou
  • Construction Site in Hangzhou