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Asphalt Distributor Trailer

Brief Introduction
LSB1000 trailer asphalt distributor is a specialized machine for building and maintaining the road. It is widely used for the spraying work and the liquid asphalt transport with high temperature. It features easy use, low center of gravity and compact structure.

It adopts a separable structure so that the asphalt distributor could be moved away from LSB1000 trailer asphalt distributor when there is no need to spray the asphalt.

The asphalt pump works powered by the reduction gear of diesel engine chain wheel. The external asphalt pump is easy to be maintained.

The asphalt tank around utilizes aluminum silicate material as the insulation layer and has favorable heat preservation performance. There is no need to heat the tank in general. If there is need, the tank could obtain the heating through burning the diesel in burner.

High pressure air could easily blow the asphalt remnants out of the pipeline after the asphalt is dissolved through mixing with the diesel in the pipeline. So the nozzle is hard to block.

Technical Parameter
Classes Item Parameter
General Parameter Asphalt Capacity (m³) 1
Dimension (mm) 3460×1820×1800
Manual Spraying Speed (L/min) 30
Asphalt Tank Asphalt Capacity (m³) 1
Temperature (℃) 120-160
Power and Transmission System Engine (KW/ r/min) 5.67/2660
Engine Reduction Ratio 3