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LMT5250TFC Synchronous Chip Sealer

Brief Introduction
LMT5250TFC synchronous chip sealer developed by our company is the special machinery for asphalt pavement construction and can be widely applied into the highway operation work of fast synchronous spraying. It features cost-saving, surface wear-resistant, anti-skidding and waterproof. The normal traffic could be resumed soon after the construction. It applies to the construction of the highways at different levels.

1. The accurate spraying volume promised the perfect realization of asphalt spraying threefold with good evenness.
2. The complete computer touch screen with video monitoring system makes it possible for us to observe the whole working process.
3. The intense spray system and asphalt aggregate stone collinear spraying system ensure that the asphalt and the building stones will be simultaneously sprayed.
4. LMT5250TFC synchronous chip sealer has the most effective heating and circulating thermal system to smooth the pipelines and nozzles. Thus, there is no need to clean them.
5. The nozzles and aggregate doors are controlled by pneumatic system. Each aggregate door and nozzle could be independently controlled by the computer.
6. LMT5250TFC synchronous chip sealer could automatically feed and discharge asphalt to improve its working efficiency.
7. It is characterized by its compact size and good-looking appearance.

Technical Parameters
Item Parameter
Model LMT5250TFC
Chassis Model SX1255JM434
Pattern Flathead, 6×4 rear drive
Power (kw/r/min) 199/1900
Seating Capacity 2 persons
Outline Dimension (mm) 10200×2490×3430
Curb Weight of Complete Vehicle (kg) 15540
Max. Total Weight (kg) 25000
Wheelbase (mm) 4325+1350
Front Overhang (mm) 1525
Rear Overhang (mm) 3000
Top Speed (km/h) 90
Fuel Consumption for one hundred kilometers (L) < 19
Working Speed (km/h) 1.2~6.5
Rated Capacity for Asphalt Tank (L) 5000
Capacity of Aggregate Bin (m3) 8
Stone Diameter (mm) 5-25
Spray Width (m) ≤3.5
Asphalt Spray Volume (L/m2) 0.6~2.5

Construction Case

  • Metong's synchronous chip sealer in Jiangsu