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LMT5312TFC Asphalt Synchronous Chip Sealer

Brief Introduction
LMT5312TFC intelligent asphalt synchronous sealer honorably launched by Metong has several advantages such as saving cost, good wear resistance and water proof performance. Once the construction is done, the normal traffic could be restored soon. The construction could be carried out on the highways in different grades.

1. The spray volume is intelligently controlled while the spraying volume and vehicle speed is monitored in real time with closed-loop control.
2. LMT5312TFC intelligent synchronous asphalt sealer features reliable performance, long durability and easy operation.
3. The aggregate is transported by the belt, which is especially suitable for the work under the overpass or in the tunnel.
4. The heating system and circulation heat preservation system which work best could keep the pipeline and nozzle unobstructed. There is no need to clean them with diesel.
5. The pneumatic system controls the nozzles and aggregate doors. Each aggregate door and nozzle could be governed solely by the computer.
6. LMT5312TFC intelligent synchronous asphalt sealer has the self-absorption and discharging functions to improve its working efficiency.
7. With compact structure and nice appearance, it could flexibly change its working direction on the highway.

Technical Parameters
Item Parameters
Name Intelligent Asphalt Rubber Synchronous Sealer
Model LMT5312TFC
Outline Dimension of the Whole Vehicle(L×W×H, mm) 12000×2498×3630
Tank Capacity (m3) 8
Capacity of Aggregate Bin (m3) 12
Chassis ZZ1317N4667C
Vehicle Pattern Flathead, 8×4 rear drive
Tire Specification 12.00-20
Approach Angle/Departure Angle (°) 16/10
Rated Engine Power /Rotation Speed (kw/r/min) 247/2200
Fuel Type Diesel
Seating Capacity (including the driver) 2
Top Speed (km/h) 90
Whole Vehicle Weight (kg) 31000
Working Speed (km/h) 3~4
Max. Asphalt Flow (L/min) 1200
Max. Spraying Width (m) 4500
Asphalt Spraying Volume (L/m2) 0.5~3.0
Stone Diameter (mm) 5-20
Max. Speed of Stone Chips Spray Roller (r/min) 130
Max. Spray Width of Stones ( m) 4.5
Drive System Hydraulic Drive
Max. Pressure of Hydraulic System (MPa) 20
Cleaning Way Clean by high pressure air

Construction Case

  • LMT5312 intelligent asphalt synchronous sealer at the construction site in Huaihua City, Hunan Province
  • LMT5312 intelligent asphalt synchronous sealer at the construction site in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province