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Antiskid Fog-sealing Asphalt Distributor

Our LMT5255GLQW antiskid fog-sealing asphalt distributor is equipped with a chassis from SINOTRUCK, and the spreading device is our own development. This antiskid fog-sealing asphalt distributor uses a power take off method (PTO) and sprays according to the construction situation. The spray width can be adjusted, with a maximum width of 3.5 meters, guaranteeing the spraying effect. The working performance is also safe and reliable.

The pump is controlled using a hydraulic system, making the drive stable and operation safe. The water cleaning is carried out using a pump and pipeline system, and it is not easy to block either the pipe or spray nozzle.

1. The main components of the antiskid fog-sealing asphalt distributor, including the hydraulic pump and the asphalt pump use high performance parts.
2. The fully hydraulic drive in the spreading vehicle makes the operation both safer and more stable.
3. Using a spray nozzle, users can achieve a multi-layer filtration, in order to ensure the spraying quality.
4. By using a large capacity filter, clogging of the filter screen can be avoided.
5. The piston type asphalt pump has an excellent passing ability and a large amount of pressure.
6. Each spray nozzle can be controlled separately, and the spray width can be adjusted according to customer requirements.
7. The control program on the antiskid fog-sealing asphalt distributor is operated in the work platform, meaning it can be adjusted by the operators according to specific construction situations.
8. The antiskid fog-sealing asphalt distributor uses an integral mixing system, and will mix materials evenly with no dead ends.
9. Secondary filtration is used to solve nozzle clogging problems.
10. It is equipped with an automatic nozzle cleaning device, preventing nozzle clogs during construction.
11. Our antiskid fog-sealing asphalt distributor comes with a large capacity water tank for easy cleaning of the pipes and nozzle after use.

Technical Parameters
Name Antiskid Fog-sealing Asphalt Distributor Antiskid Fog-sealing Asphalt Distributor
Dimension (length/width/height mm) 8410×2240×2870 10750×2500×3745
Tank volume (m3/density) 6 10
Chassis DFA1120SJ11D5 ZZ1257N4647D1
Manufacturer DFAC SINOTRUK
Vehicle type Flat top 4×2 rear drive Flat top 6×4 rear drive
Tyre 8.25-20 12.00-20
Approach /departure angle 28°/15° 15°/9.5°
Engine rating power / rotation speed (kw/r/min) 100/2800 249/1900
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Engine model and type CY4102-CE4B(Dongfeng Chaochai ) D10.34-40 (SINOTRUK)
4-cylinder inline, 4-stroke 6-cylinder inline, 4-stroke
Emission standard GB17691-2005 China Ⅳ , GB3847-2005 GB17691-2005 China Ⅳ , GB3847-2005
Seating capacity (including driver) 3 2
Maximum speed (km/h) 99 102
Maximum total mass (kg) 12250 25000
Curb weight (kg) 8450 16100
Working speed (km/h) 2.5 ~ 10.5 2.5 ~ 10.5
Maximum spray width (m) 3.3 3.5
Asphalt spray volume (L/m2) 0.3~2.0 0.3~2.0
Drive system Hydraulic drive Hydraulic drive
Maximum pressure of hydraulic system (MPa) 16 16
Cleaning way Water cleaning Water cleaning