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LMT5110TYHFQ Hot Recycling Crack Filling Equipment

We develop the hot recycling Road Maintenance Equipmentwith in-place heat regeneration technology. This road construction truck gets the damaged pavement materials recycled completely in accordance with the requirements of circular economy development. It not only reduces the cost of materials, labor and maintenance for maintenance and construction enterprises, but also increases the construction efficiency.

Our hot recycling Road Maintenance Equipmentadopts horizontal roller bin with large capacity, getting the materials inside heated rapidly and evenly. This multifunctional machine is not only applicable for heat regeneration through digging or milling the waste materials, but also suitable for mixing new materials at construction site.

Technical Parameters
Model LMT5110TYHFQ
Chassis model DFA1120SJ11D5
Type Cab over 4×2 rear drive
Engine model CY4102-CE4B
Power (kw/rpm) 100/2800
Emission standard GB17691-2005 (China IV)
Tire model 8.25-16, 8.25-20, 8.25R16, 8.25R20
Permissible passengers 3
Overall dimension (mm) 8128×2240×2850
Output voltage of generator (V) 220/380
Pavement heating panel Overall dimension (mm) 1500×1400
Diameter of roller (mm) 450
Rolling depth Soil 250mm/bitumen100mm
Permissible viscosity of working medium(Cst) ≤300

Advantages and Technical Features
Absorbing the advanced maintenance technology of Europe and America, our LMT5110TYHFQ hot recycling Road Maintenance Equipmentis engineered to advocate the idea of green maintenance, save precious asphalt, stone and other natural resources, recycle the resources and protect the environment.